Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Graham John Howe 1945 -2011

Good Evening Bloggers,

Things just haven't been good lately...  From the death of my work mate, I have lost a very close family member.  My Uncle Graham, who was an absolute inspiration to me, and should be an inspiration to us all passed away unexpectedly and peacefully at the age of 66 on the 19th August.  Born with quite severe Cerebral Palsy, he never made it seem like a disability to him.  His smile, and his beautiful personality just made me and my family appreciate everyone who we came across in our lives that much more.  He taught us so much about humanity and looking beyond the outside cover, that we have learnt to appreciate the beauty in everyone.

Always ready with a smile, and quick to laugh at a joke, or tell the umpires off when they made a mistake in an AFL game (his absolute passion!!)  His beautiful personality, zest for life and unfailing strength will be so greatly appreciated, and so lovingly missed.

This is my Uncle on his 65th birthday, these smiles were just so typical of him and always freely given...

I thank you for the beautiful person that you were, the honour of knowing you and being able to proudly call you my Uncie.  It breaks my heart that you will not be here for the next milestones in my families lives, but I know that you will be here in spirit because you are always in our hearts.

Good bye Uncle Graham, don't let Alfie (our little dog who passed a year ago, and Uncie's great mate) give you too many kisses.

Forever in our thoughts, and in our hearts.

Here is a link to a slideshow of photos we put together to honour my Uncie

xoxo Milly

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