Monday, 20 January 2014

A Labour of Love

I have been lucky to have enough leave saved up to have taken a few extra weeks off over Christmas, unfortunately reality will set in early this coming Thursday morning :(  

However I was determined whilst on leave to work more on my copic colouring and tackle one of the larger images I had printed off over the last few months.

I chose Pearl from the Make it Crafty store, I was determined not to let those gorgeous folds in her dress get the better of me.

I started out with Copic colours R81, R83, R85 and R89 and then to add in even more depth I used my 110.

Due to the size, and me being unable to sit for super long periods of time before my back gives in I had to tackle this project in stages....

Last night I sat down to try and finish the pink section of her dress, by the time I got up it was quarter to 3 in the morning, where the hell did the time go???  Not only did I finish the pink, but I started on the teal edgings and ribbons - BG000, BG01, BG05 and BG09

Tonight she is finished :)  So incredibly happy with the end product.  Due to her size, miss Pearl will never make it on a card, but I think I'll buy her a gorgeous frame and put her up on my wall :)

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  1. She is amazing! What is her size so spectacular. Where did you purchase this she available in digi?

    1. Hi Debbie, this was done on an A5 piece of paper, and she very nearly filled it :) SHe certainly is available in digi, her name is Pearl and she is available at one of my favourite digit stores, Make it Crafty -


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