Sunday, 11 August 2013

My not so little man turned 5!!

Evening all,

In July, my not so little middle nephew William turned 5.  I took a day off of work to head to my sisters house in the Barossa Valley with plans to help her make a smashing birthday cake for our boy.  Unfortunately things didn't quite work out so well....

So on the Friday we got up and made some coloured cake pops ready to freeze and put in the middle of the cake to make it 'spotty dotty'.

The pops before they were baked, gorgeous bright colours :o)

So once they were baked we got ready to head to Nuri to do some shopping.  As I was getting dressed after my shower I dropped something, as I bent over to pick it up my back went, and it went big time!!  I couldn't stand straight, I couldn't walk properly, it was in spasm...I was in a bad way.    Later that night as my sister is rolling out red fondant I ended up at the local hospital to get some pain relief as I was beside myself in pain.  By the time my brother in law and I got home my sister was well on her way to finishing this absolute masterpiece!!

There was one very happy 5 year old!!  William loves the cars movies, and was so impressed with his Mummy!!  Here is the inside of the cake with its spots, they worked perfectly, because we froze them they didn't even dry out having been baked twice.

OK, so onto the card which is what this is supposed to be about lol.

This is a card pattern that I have made before, but I really did love the idea and thought this would also be perfect for William.  The only thing different really is the addition of the Aged Gold Frantage.

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